Innovative Manipulator Can Replace Whole Vehicle Park

Innovative Manipulator Can Replace Whole Vehicle Park

As noted following the presentation of the device by the Centre for Innovative Development of Russian Railways, the ROIN R-300 autonomous multipurpose robotics complex can be used to tackle diverse tasks in repairing railway infrastructure, saving on purchases and operating costs.

The complex is a hydraulic manipulator with 12 degrees of freedom, equipped with multi-position supports and is suitable for mounting on any chassis: a motor vehicle, trailer, or railway platform. The device can be provided with its own independent tracked or wheeled chassis in certain configurations.

With the help of a special tiltrotary device, 13 different types of equipment can be attached to the manipulator: from an excavator bucket to a concrete breaker, a mounted concrete mixer, a concrete pump or a cradle for high-altitude installation, which makes it possible to use the manipulator for various tasks.

ROIN is equipped with a remote control, in travelling configuration its dimensions do not exceed that of a car, and it weighs two and a half tonnes. Therefore, the complex can be quickly delivered to where it is needed and deployed anywhere, replacing the whole fleet of equipment and a lot of personnel. Furthermore, the railway infrastructure in Syria is currently being restored and cooperation with Russia in this area is seen as a strategic partneship.

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